Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Qingming Festival 2016

Qingming moving outDear Matt and Mar,

Our yearly ritual arrives once again, Qingming festival, to remember our past family. This year my mother surprised us all in the most brilliant way.

The very well ran routine started around 09:00, all the food, offerings, umbrellas and ect. were carried with military precision down to the resting place of your grandmother (father's side), the tomb had been swept and washed by the local caretakers (I think this is their part time, once a year job), so the tiles were clean ready for us to do our thing, lol.


Qingming arriving

Qingming Group

Qingming Flowers

Qingming official

After all the offerings were made, and all the gold (paper), cash and passports were burnt, it was time for the surprise, haa haa haa. My mother decided that this year we should also light a few bangers, 50 plus 1 huge one to be precise, lol.

Through all the excitement I’d forgotten to take a photo of the master piece, it looked awesome hanging like a red dragon’s tail from the tree. Matt of course managed to pull off the green wick, leaving behind a small bunch of very short white strings...

Qingming 2016-06461Before lighting the firecrackers, I looked back, just to make sure that all of you were at a safe distance away, and this is what I saw, haa haa haa haa haa.

With a lighter in hand, I lit the strings... I’d thought I would have a few seconds before it starts exploding... well I didn’t, I mean I didn’t have seconds, all I had was about 3 milliseconds... my heart burst through my chest and was beating profusely on the floor, lol.

Matt was loving every second of it, the loud noise, the grey smoke, the bits and pieces flying through the air in all directions from the exploding bangers, Mar on the other hand looked horrified... Too loud, too smelly, too smoky, too messy, haa haa haa haa.

Next year your grandfather promises 100 firecrackers... haa haa haa.

Qingming 2016-06466

As years rolled by, more and more have been moved by their family to another resting place… looking back and took this photo when no was around, and I wonder how it will be in ten years time…

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