Monday, March 21, 2016

Mr. Trolley

Dear Matt and Mar,

For the past couple of weekends your mother had been away, usually I would take an easy way out and cancel all of your classes on the Saturday, but by some unknown reason for this time I had decided we are going to go through the normal routine and do the full day, haa haa haa.

mdeThe worst scenario would be for at the end of the day, you two falling asleep in the car, carrying you two together would have already been tough, but adding 4 bags, a small violin and my own camera into the mix, unless I’d somehow transform into Goro (of Mortal Kombat), making it in one trip would have been impossible (not to mention on where to hold my keycard when all of the usable hands, mouth and other orifices would have already been filled, lol).

I had no doubt that Mar would fall asleep, my strategy was to keep Matt awake... haa haa haa, easier said than done... striking up an entertaining conversation for the whole of 45 minutes drive home was going to be a challenge, on the last stretch home I’d just gave up and threw Matt my phone for the final 7 minutes of the journey, haa haa haa.

Matt was superb, obviously tired, but was willing to be the human trolley, thank you for being such a great help, lol (2 rucksacks, 1 violin and 2 shoulder bags).

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