Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Love Mei (phone case), almost had it all.

Dear Matt and Mar,

Long story short, got a new mobile phone (been looking for a good dual sims phone forever) then the Huawei Mate 8 arrived, for the specifications, it fitted me like a glove, in my opinion an absolute value for money when compared to its peers.

DSC06249-01Another variable is my clumsiness, which is legendary, and so in hoping to make this phone last longer than a year without being smashed to pieces, I wanted to get just the right case for it, so that I don’t have to treat it like a newborn baby that never grows old, lol.

Living in Thailand means not all the cases are available, one could argue that eBay has opened up the whole world’s market, but when the shipping fee costs more than the good, then common sense should come into play.

This time I was lucky, found a quality Chinese brand, ‘Love Mei’, there are tons of YouTube and written reviews on the Internet. The link below will take you to the product page.


When you have a piece of real thick honeycomb silicon being sandwiched between two pieces of solid metal (aluminium) which I think came from the old decommissioned Chinese Submarines, one can rest assure that it is pretty solid.

There is no need to go into detail on the product, there are already plenty of that on the Net, but here are my personal opinions, and why it was such a heartache to have to remove the case and hide it away so that your mother won’t laugh so much at me for buying another dud, haa haa haa.

I like:

  1. Build like a nuclear bunker, this and the cockroaches will be the only things left after the world annihilation (nice machinery work too).
  2. It is heavy, with the phone inside it wights close 500 grams, haa haa haa, a proper man’s phone (kidding, I am not a male chauvinistic (I don’t think, lol)), looking on the positive side, it is like working out while you chat, sweat will pour as you talk, don’t forget to swap arms otherwise you’ll be like on Reggie in Lady in the water.
  3. It has tempered glass, which functions perfectly with no lag when scrolling. Rarely one needs to push a little harder than usual.
  4. Although the phone sits entirely encased in this metal bunker, all the signal types remained as normal, 4G, 2G, Wifi, Bluetooth (have not tried the IR blaster though).  Speakers’ sound is only very slightly muffled, but the phone ear piece and talk piece sounds has no issue.
  5. Would make an excellent Cricket bat’s replacement, should one forget to bring one to the game.
  6. Keep it close to your chest in the heart region, I am pretty convinced it was designed to stop several Tomahawk Missiles aimed directly at your heart.
  7. It looks like a mini tablet, easy to hold with the bezel.
  8. Inexpensive (relatively), when you considered one pays around 30 USD, while you are getting enough metal (after melting it down) to build 3 (1:1 scale) Eiffel Towers.

I hate:

  1. GPS becomes very, very unstable, and for someone who can not get to his own lavatory without using a G map, I am afraid this only failure is the cause for me to look for its replacement.

The hunt continues... haa haa haa (that is your mother laughing at me, again, lol).

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