Tuesday, January 26, 2016

FORE!!! haa haa haa

pageDear Matt and Mar,

Looking to change things a little, for the previous Saturday instead of me taking Matt to the driving range (for his lesson), your mother decided to take Matt out for a round of 9 holes Par 3. This is the third time in many, many months for both your mother and Matt, so this time Mar and I’d played truant and joined your mother and Matt purely as spectators… haa haa haa.

No wonder why your mother had been wanting me to see the course, it was nice and quiet (well it wasn’t quite anymore when we were there, lol).

I think your mother was a bit rusty through the lack of practice, she had a terrible round (much to her annoyance), haa haa haa. Matt also took time to warm up, but got so much better at the end.


Mar, as usual had the most fun out of all of us, haa haa haa. Next time it will be the four of us again, but this time I’ll build up my courage and join the game, better buy about a thousand balls then, lol.

In the afternoon came the usual classes, Piano and Violin, followed by Thai for Matt and to the feed the chicken & goats for Mar… all your mother and I could do was to chill :-)

By the time we were home, Mar was off to dreamland and Matt became the human bags carrier, lol.

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