Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Shield Project, lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

The theme of Matt’s class for the first term was ‘Ancient Roman’, cutting a long story short… time to make a shield from cardboard :-) yipppp… pppppeeeee, what a Blue Peter moment for me, lol.

Page3There is a craft shop not too far, and we had a field day (well I did, haa haa haa). The direction was clear… buy a piece of cardboard (x by y in dimension) and paint it red (really, the instruction could not have been any clearer, unless you are me).

Of course I’d decided to take a short cut, why should you paint when there is a perfectly good (already) ‘perfect red’ cardboard screaming ‘buy me’ within my reach… of course I’d bought it… and at the instant the money went from my hand to the till, I was full of regret…

That regret came back when the parents’ chat room (on the mobile phone) began to be filled with photos of your friends having a great time painting the cardboard… oh dear… haa haa haa. It really wasn’t about the destination but the journey.

Of course, with one week to go we’d rushed back to the craft store (another great time had by all, haa haa haa). By luck I’d found a piece of sturdy cardboard with brown wood grain effect, can life be anymore perfect? Of course I had to buy more than one, we were bound to mess it up… haa haa haa (surprisingly we didn’t, and the painting was super fun, ended up gluing two pieces of cardboard together.).

The shield was supposed to follow the theme of Roman’s God, of course you decided from the beginning that your shield was going to be dedicated to Pluto, the God of Death! Your draft design that was submitted to you teacher, came back with a bunch of comments, the best was ‘Please no guns or bombs’… haa haa haa haa haa.

After some heavy negotiations, you got rid of the tanks, guns, bombs, bullets and so on, and what was left was quite tasteful (from a certain perspective, lol), we were left with Gold and Silver Skulls and some golden lightening… haa haa haa haa haa, I am assuming you teacher must have been downing his pints in celebratory style, when you showed up with such a toned down shield, haa haa haa.

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