Monday, December 21, 2015

The long walk :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

For the past few weeks your mother has been on my case, ‘somehow’ since she has been working at the fitness club (surrounded by beautiful people, lol) she has been demanding that I loose some weight... haa haa haa haa haa. Look guys, take a pointer from me, never argue with your mother... just go with the flow is the foremost policy... :-) Even if you win, you’ll lose... lol.

Another breakfast-03990I’m never going to find time to join a fitness club but many people will say that is just an excuse... and my reply would be [Insert several EXPLETIVE WORDS here], haa haa haa, and if I have any kind of a spare time I would rather be home with you two, I am already finding it hard to find time to help you out with your homework, lol.

So what now, decided to make the daily routine more challenging on the body... usually I would leave the apartment, walk a few steps to catch the motorcycle taxi to the MRT (undergrounds), literally involving no effort at all (well, apart from the gluteal muscles).

Now I try to walk as much as I can, from the apartment to the BTS (500+ metres), all the way sweating like a hog on a heat during a hottest summer day. Just to catch the BTS and go one station, then more walking (300+ metres) to the go from the BTS to the MRT, and several stations later, another 500+ metres walk from the MRT to the office, all in all I am doing around 2.7 Kms a day on commuting alone :-)

First week was a little tough, haa haa haa, but now several weeks in, I am actually looking forward to the commute, and we are on track. Started at 78+ Kgs (shock horror, lol) to 72-ish, haa haa haa. The funny thing is I don’t really know what my target is, I don’t think I can go below 70 Kgs unless I lose a limb or my head, haa haa haa.

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