Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Open Live Writer :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

I love to write, it may be boring to read, it may not even receive a C grade in an English exam, but the process of thinking and typing it out, together with countless times of backspacing and re-writing over and over, until it reads just right (to me) is unconditionally pleasurable, probably the number one hobby on my list, leading photography by about a hair width.

20151223 Open Live WriterBlogging allows me to merge several of my favourite things in the world, firstly to be around you and the rest of the family, to take mundane (to others) but totally engrossing (to me) photos of you and the family, and at the end of the day tinkering with a bunch of photos on the notebook before writing it all in Google Doc, then using Windows Live Writer as a melting pot between the texts and photos.

Unfortunately Windows Live Writer (WLW) which is an absolutely essential tool to me for blogging, as it does everything so well, of course there were some quirks but one easily learns to overcome all those few minor issues. It was such a joy to use, to see the format of one’s blog on WLW whilst compiling the post is extremely useful. Ok, back to the ‘unfortunately’ bit, Microsoft has decided not to develop WLW further.

All I can say is a grotesquely huge ‘Thank You’ to Microsoft for developing WLW in the first place, it has been a real joy to use this freeware, you have made blogging such fun (for me). But as they say, all great times must come to an end (although who said it I am not exactly sure).

One evening after a having a great time compiling a post on WLW, it failed to connect to Blogger (Google free blog hosting, another fantastic service), after some digging on various forums, apparently someone, somewhere, somehow had changed some kind of protocols, and now WLW won't talk to Google Blogger, or vice versa... :-) I don't think I can be any more vague :-) can I?

So someone has moved my cheese, nothing else to do but to go out there and find an alternative, in the past I have actually tried to find an alternative to WLW but (for me) nothing else ever came close. So to my surprise when I’d found a small article on Open Live Writer! Judging by how excited I was, you would have thought I was asked to play a Seth Lord in the latest Star Wars film (red light sabers are the absolute best).

To cut a long story short... found Open Live Writer ('OLW’,, now I have found my 'cheese' again, well, a slightly different cheese, a piece of cheese that needs aging, and it will get better with time :-) (because so many brilliant people are behind it).

It just goes to show how brilliant WLW was, to have such dedicated followers, enough to spend their own valuable time to build OLW... I have been using OLW to post a few articles now, and it is 90% the same experience as WLW, their nightly build actually handles labels so much better!

So my beloved is back, thank you OLW.

(It has been a couple of weeks now, and for me the ‘nightly’ build of OLW is amazing, there could be an issue when connecting to blogger but the the solution is super easy.)

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