Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New fav place

Dear Matt and Mar,

You have now been hooked lined and sinkered with Em Playground, and to be honest even I am besotted with the place as well. Instead of those generic indoor jungle of climbing frames, this one has techonology built in to almost all of its activity :-) Not to mention first class security, they take a photo of you guys and us, and before we leave the picture had to be crossed checked.

pageThere are DJ station, with full scratchy things… and I don’t mean a toy thing, a propery scratchy thingy, haa haa haa. One of my fav is the digital animal on screen thing. Well, you scan your face into the computer, put a digital mask on it (any animal you like), and a second later that animal would be marching on the huge screen but with your face on it!

There are so many more… and the best place to keep you busy for an hour or two, lol.

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