Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Late for class :-)

Braiding-074110Dear Matt and Mar,

We are already struggling a little to arrive on time at school, haa haa haa, trust me it isn’t your fault (nor mine... haa haa haa, there is only one person left to blame but I can’t say it, if I did, you’ll be Dad-less).

And now we have to add another routine into the already pretty full morning, braiding of the hair, and your mother isn’t the fastest in the world, haa haa haa, and yet Mar insisted, can you see your mother’s frustrated face?

So far Mar is enjoying her first year at school. I am noticing that they now have many more activities since Matt was at EY1, just imagine they now have ice balls with polar bear in the middle as one of the many activities :-)

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