Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Crimbo 2015

Boxing day 2015-04107Dear Matt and Mar,

Christmas 2015 was a bit flat for me, simply because the team and I had to work. Unfortunately 25th of December isn’t a public holiday in Thailand, but usually I would take time off just to be with you. Your mother is Catholic so the 25th is really, really sacred.

On the 25th was also the date when the company launched the third location (Paul Bakery Restaurant), only about 7 days after we had launched the second, and it has been such a difficult journey for both locations, from negotiations with the landlords, extremely difficult build, and probably the worst of all, some bad missed communication with the contractor.

In the end both were launched on time (kind of), the only regret was the pressure on the team, both front line and supporting team, but their character came through and made it all happen... quite amazing really (stand up ovation very much deserved), and now not four days after the launch of the third location I have to call another meeting for the preparation of the fourth location. I wished I could have waited until after the new year, but timing wise it would have been too late.

20151226_121128Luckily Boxing day fell on a Saturday this year, having the weekend with you was a real boon, lol. Anyway, back to Christmas day, you two were up before the sun rise as usual, opening up of the presents was a laugh (as anticipated). Mar got her princess Aurora dress (as ordered, lol) and I got Matt a ‘manual’ battleship game (since then I have lost to you twice already, lol). I am glad both presents were such a hit!

Usually my choice of present for your mother would be nothing short of a cataclysmic disaster, I don’t think I have got her something that she had actually liked for the past decade... seriously... haa haa ha haa haa, but all changed this year though (of course with some help, lol).

One of my colleague helped me to find the gorgeous dress for Mar, and so I turned to her once more on what to get your mother. Without a thought she took me to this sunglasses place and in less than five minutes picked out the present for your mother, it was the ‘it’ brand of Sunglasses, judging by the price I thought it was made from solid gold, haa haa haa haa haa. But who cares, your mother loved it, and she also knew immediately that I had help, lol. So from now on your mother is making it mandatory for me to get help shopping... haa haa haa.

Boxing day 2015-04127Boxing day 2015-04126

Boxing day 2015-0414520151226_094413

To the weekend immediately following Christmas day, luckily Matt’s morning and late afternoon class was cancelled, but Mar still had her nine am play class (basically only music in the early afternoon). So instead of taking Matt to the driving range, I’d decided to take him to the park, with our new small rugby shaped ball, touch rugby was going to be my mission, lol.

It was shameful to be out run by a seven year old, haa haa haa, I thought we were going to spend an hour or so, but it went way beyond that, it was fantastic. By the way, a day before Christmas your mother also took Matt to get him a new bike and now he wants to ride it everywhere! So in the afternoon we went to the park to let Matt show me some of his cycling skills lol.

Sunday afternoon was blocked for lunch with my second cousin and my parents, he had just passed a very important exam to become a judge, that is quite an achievement in our family, on top of all that he is an extremely nice guy too.

As our lunch was taken near our out of town home, where there was a new community mall which we have been meaning to visit, so it was only a short drive. I wasn’t expecting much, but I was totally wrong, it was a great place, the name of it is ‘Paseo’. It was a great weekend, full of activities and no drama... haa haa haa haa haa.

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