Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas is coming (again), lol


Term ends party 2015-141105Dear Matt and Mar,

Can’t believe Christmas is almost here, today is your last day of term one, has it been a term already? The usual class party was a bit of a laugh, luckily Matt’s and Mar’s party was on a different day, lol.

This year was a bit different, for the first time the school decided to do ‘Secret Santa’, all Matt knew was that he was giving his present to a girl, whilst Mar knew exactly who she would be giving to (Liz, lol). Being a very proactive parents that we are... we’d left it until the night before... only to realise when a chat conversation started on the Parents’ Line group chat.

It was almost seven in the evening when the parents’ Line group chat started (on the very day we came back from a long weekend in Pattaya, lol)... you should have seen the expression on our faces. Luckily the shopping mall was still open, so off I went once again, lol.

The parties were a bit of a laugh as always, short but fun, nothing more than a quick get together for the kids, and to be honest I think the parents had more fun, after Matt’s party which parents were allowed to attend, the parents also had one of our own afterwards. Forgot to mentioned that Matt received a lovely alarm clock from his secret Santa (Pluem, thank you krub)

Unfortunately I couldn’t join Mar’s party, but from the photos your aunt and mother had sent me, it looked like a bunch of fun and Mar was given her 2 favourite things rolled into one… Kitty Cookies, lol. Not to mention that finally Mar got a chance to wear her red flamingo dress… perfect, lol.

Term ends party 2015-143601Term ends party 2015-141517Term ends party 2015-1449733339688

Mar kept asking when is Father Christmas is coming, and how will he knows what she wanted, haa haa haa haa haa, I’d told you that I’ll call him, but it will depends if she had been a good girl or not (of course you said you have been a super good girl). Mar, of course knows what she wants... a nice “Sleeping Beauty’ sparkling dress” (pink of course), but where to get one? (Don’t worry, got one already).

Now for Matt, quite opposite to Mar... he has no idea what he wanted, he kept telling me he wants 10 pillowly... (his favourite pillow), haa haa haa haa haa. I was thinking of get Matt a watch, but I don’t think he will wear it, still no idea... still a few more days to go yet.

With 2 restaurants opening in the same month, it looks like I’ll be working through Christmas this year... sorry.

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