Tuesday, November 10, 2015

You are four :-)

Dear Mar,

Four years, four years already? Lol. Since your birthday this year fell on a Saturday, so for you to have a chance to celebrate with your friends, we’d decided to bring your cake to the school on the Friday.

Just from the top of my head, I don’t even remember Matt or his class being this neat :-) You and your friends’ manners were absolutely impeccable, eating like little princes and princesses, cleaned up after with such precision, followed by hand washing like little soldiers (full of determination)… haa haa haa, (your mother shared my observations, lol).

pageIt was so nice to see you being so happy while handing out slices of your cake to your friends. However, for next year, rather than having a normal cake, I think we are going to go for something different. One of your class friend is a Sikh and we’ve been told she isn’t allowed egg (nor meat) as part of her faith, and for me being there, seeing you handing out cakes while this gorgeous little girl ate apple, just didn’t feel right.

It brought me back to my Uni days, one of the housemate is a Sikh and his mother made the best samosas in the entire Universe. Each month he was given a tub full of samosas, trust me it didn’t last one night by the time we had our hands on it (he was rather kind, and a pot head too, lol).

Not sure what alternative they use for a cake, but I’ll do my best to find out though. By the way, I had to hide all of your friends’ faces in the photo, because like I’ve said before, I am not going to post anyone without their parents permission.

Mar is four-03092On the Saturday, which was your actual birthday, we’ve decided to skip all of your and Matt’s morning class so that we can spend the morning together… time for cake and presents… As usual I got you a book (Matt got a new book too) and a special present, for the longest time you’ve been wanting a princess dress... haa haa haa, now you have one.

Sunday morning, it must have been the early part of 6 am when I felt this presence close to my face, lol. It took me a couple of second to realised it was you standing almost over me with your new princess (Anna from Frozen) dress halfway up to your waist, lol. Apparently you were having a difficult time putting your arms through the sleeves, haa haa haa haa haa haa.

After the dress was fully on, you dashed out to the shoes rack… haa haa haa haa haa, oh I can see us needing another apartment just for your and your mother’s shoes, lol. I was so happy to see you so happy :-) Happy Birthday Mar, we all love you very much, just don’t hurry to grow up so fast ok? Haa haa haa haa haa.


Mar is four-03063Mar is four-03054

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