Friday, November 6, 2015

Super fun Weekend.


Dear Matt and Mar,

Super long time ago, your mother swapped our air miles for a 3 nights hotel voucher, and we have tried to use it so many times but it just didn’t happen, either the hotel we wanted didn’t accept the voucher or the timing wasn’t convenient, so it was kept in the drawer (more like chucked, lol).

This past weekend was the expiry date for the voucher, and your mother was determined to use it... haa haa haa, now we know that you two love to visit new places, so your mother decided to use the voucher at Chatrium. Chatrium Riverside (hotel) turned out to be a rather nice hotel, but more importantly it sits literally next to your school. Apart for the hotel, on the same grounds was Chatrium Residence (where quite a few parents have wisely decided to stay). The school, hotel and residence actually belongs to the same owner.

Friday evening, everything was packed and ready to go, by some minor miracle your mother managed to be home early. By the time we got to Chatrium you two were puzzled on why we are going to school at this time of night... haa haa haa.

It was certainly a (huge) room with a view... at first I thought it was strange to be staying here, but as always, your mother was right and I was wrong. You two were super excited, and I was enjoying it too.



pageSaturday was full of the normal routine, out of the hotel after breakfast and didn’t return until quite late. Sunday started with a swim (great fun) followed after lunch with a birthday party, and in the evening our supper was taken at my parents.

Whose Birthday party was it? One of Matt’s close friend (same class), Sophia, the birthday party was held at Funarium, as it was the Halloween season the amount of fun just multiplied by a thousand, haa haa haa.

Only the day before, we walked past a rack of costumes and one definitely caught your mother’s eyes, zombie surgeon... just take my money already... haa haa haa. Matt also wanted the arrow through the head thingy, lol, as for Mar it was a huge red squeaky nose, haa haa haa.

So we were ready for Sophia’s Birthday party, Funarium was all decked out in black drapes and was super mysterious, lol. Matt and Mar was super excited, as soon as we’d checked in Matt dashed off to give Sophia her present, and Mar was not too far behind.

The party was excellent (sorry, I can’t post any photos of you and your friends together without their parents’ permission), full of fun games, cakes and of course balloons, lol, after the party there was the rest of funarium to enjoy. Matt wanted to go into the Haunted house (well it was more like a room), and it was an absolute waste of money, because Matt walked all the way through the maze with his eyes tightly closed, and had the nerve to tell me to go first... haa haa haa.

Sophia's BD-02764

The laser room was more fun though, at the end of the darkened room was a sword (just imagine excalibur), between you and the sword were green lasers crisscrossing like an uneven net, the task was to get to the sword, pick it up and return to the safety zone in 30 seconds, of course without touching the laser, and Matt almost made it as well, lol.

Mar had a brilliant time with Nada (a class friend), whose brother is also in Matt’s class, and I was watching you two like a hawk, lol. 3 hours just flown by and you two could have stay here all afternoon, but we had to visit my parents.

The plan for Monday was a simple one; get up early, quick wash, take breakfast downstairs before ‘walking’ to school (now we know why so many parents decided to stay at Chatrium Residence). We executed the plan flawlessly, with just one wrong variable... ‘time’... haa haa haa haa haa, even being next door, somehow we managed to be late! lol. It didn’t help that I had packed the wrong PE kit for Matt, silly me, decided to pack his PE kit from when he was five... haa haa haa (had to buy a new one before going to class).

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