Thursday, November 5, 2015

Half Term Khao Yai, Day Three - Driving to nowhere

PA251471Dear Matt and Mar,

Day Three - Driving to Nowhere.

As this was only a short break, we were due to check out today, but without another bout of pool time, lol. During breakfast I was mentally preparing for the frustration of the journey home. End of a long weekend and part of the roads were under construction, one might as well add in a couple of Godzillas into the equation, the traffic couldn’t get any worse.

The plan was to have breakfast, swim time and drive out for lunch somewhere near the national park, that part of the plan was executed flawlessly, haa haa haa. Lunch was taken (full marks to your mother again) in a small roadside (very) local eatery, it was really nice :-) But as soon as we got back into the van, your mother and I knew that soon you two will be heading to sleepy land, lol.

Khao Yai-02715We decided to drive to the National Park anyway, hoping that you two would wake up by the time we’d arrived, besides the national park wasn’t too far away... well, it wasn’t far if one was to drive the right way... haa haa haa, of course I went the wrong way, in fact it was so wrong we’d decided just to head home... sorry... haa haa haa, luckily you two were fast asleep (just imagine, I had somehow managed to miss one of the biggest mountain ranges in Thailand, lol, no wonder your mother was a bit miffed).

Not need to elaborate on how bad the traffic was to get home, it got so bad I’d decided to accept one of those dodgy Google Map’s suggestion... the paved road soon turned into a dirt road, which then shrank to no wider than the width of the van, lol, it was like driving through the Jurassic period, you have never seen a man so happy to see paved road once more, lol.

With a mandatory petrol station stop, the whole trip took almost 4 hours, haa haa haa, doubling the usual amount of time, but at least we arrived home safely. Mar was so cute, she woke up during the stop and asked where were the mountains, haa haa haa, sorry.

It was a great long weekend, I think we’ll try the lakes next (North West of Thailand), that is if don’t get lost again, lol.

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