Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A day on the farm :-)


Dear Matt and Mar,

What an unexpected trip, at the end of the working week and out of the blue your mother decided we all should go to 'Rai Pluke Rak' (a direct translation is 'Farm Grow/Plant Love'), I think she had been eyeing this farm for quite a while now (simply because she knew that you two would love it). At first there was a talk of spending a night in a hotel near the farm just so that we can get an early start, but during the route planning we’d discovered that the farm was actually only 77 Kms away.

Pluke Rak Farm-03157Saturday's normal routine was executed flawlessly, so early to bed you all went, soon Sunday arrived full of anticipation, I wanted to leave early because there was a strong probability that I was going to get lost, lol.

Breakfast was already prepared the previous night (fried fish and rice), that was one headache I was glad to have ticked off the list. The drive would take us out of BKK towards the North West of the country, the farm was only a couple of provinces away, the target was at the edge of Ratchaburi Province (meaning we had to drive through Nakornpathom Province first).

The plan was to have the wheels turning around eight, but of course we were late, as it had just gone nine before BKK was gradually behind us. The day was glorious, sunny sky, light traffic and four full stomach, lol... an hour and a half later we were rolling into the almost empty car park.

We were the second one there, it was quiet and absolutely serene, the place was extremely homely, the farm itself has been in business for over 15 years as a proper farm, and only for the past few years it was opened to the public. As the weather got hotter and hotter it was getting more and more difficult to grow quality salad and vegetables, that why they had to open it up as an attraction.

The whole farm is around 24 acres, so only a small portion was converted for the visitors. There were 9 stations (don't quote me on that) of various activity. Your first stop was a short introduction to the farm, inspect some worms and planted a plant (no idea what they were), the plant was to be taken home and looked after (and yes it is still alive).

Just going to let the photos show you all of the fun we had (with minimal words)... and it was great, great fun. I liked the passion of the people behind the farm, of course every station costs money (the entrance fee was already 150 for an adult and 120 for children), but it wasn't much and we knew it was going to support the farm.

Pluke Rak Farm-03167

Pluke Rak Farm-03170

Pluke Rak Farm-03175

Pluke Rak Farm-03180Pluke Rak Farm-03193

Pluke Rak Farm-03186

Pluke Rak Farm-03201


After the planting we moved on to the duck egg farm, choosing the eggs was a simple affair (the whole grounds were strewn with eggs), but the task was to coat them in salted soil and that took some doing, and in a couple of weeks we could fried the eggs for an acquired taste fried eggs.

Pluke Rak Farm-03202Pluke Rak Farm-03210

Pluke Rak Farm-03213Pluke Rak Farm-03215Pluke Rak Farm-03219

Pluke Rak Farm-03224

Pluke Rak Farm-03242


Feeding the animals was of course Mar’s favourite, and subsequently the wallet was deflated accordingly :-)

Pluke Rak Farm-03275

Pluke Rak Farm-03280

Pluke Rak Farm-03285


I think the rice farm was next, there are several ways to plant rice, one of those is to ‘Yorn Gla’ (literally ‘Throw Rice Sprout’) technique, as it involved throwing Matt was having a fantastic time (and just before we’d left all of us returned for seconds, lol), and more ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching… lol.

Just next door to the paddy field was the kite and painting station. By the way spending over an hour trying to fly a kite with literally no wind, is like hanging out the washing during a monsoon, extremely pointless but rather good fun, you two were loving it and that’s what count.

A quick glance at the watch revealed it was time for lunch so we took an hour break to take lunch at their cafĂ© / restaurant, their menu was super limited, but what they had were universal for all kids in South East Asia or probably the world… rice, scrambled egg, fried chicken and salads (for the Mums and Dads).

Pluke Rak Farm-03332

Pluke Rak Farm-03375


After lunch, it was more fun fun fun, Mar wanted to go back and feed the animals, but Matt had his eyes fixed on the mud slide, and we came prepared, lol, to cut long story short, he mud slide is the reason why I call you ‘Mr. Brown Pants’ now, haa haa haa.

Pluke Rak Farm-03415

Pluke Rak Farm-03434

Pluke Rak Farm-03443

Pluke Rak Farm-03463

Pluke Rak Farm-03475

Pluke Rak Farm-03394

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