Friday, October 9, 2015

Stunning Saigon :-)


Dear Matt and Mar

At the end of last month I’d found myself back in Ho Chi Minh City once more, the last trip was quite some months ago at the beginning of the year. I shan’t bore you with the detail of the trip (business trip the Boss, lol).

Ho Chi Minh-130511The last time I was here the pedestrian promenade along the Nguyen Hue (from the city centre all the way to the river) was nothing but a bunch of dirt and mud,  and look at it now… If my memory is correct, previously it was just a piece of road, multi lanes in the centre, flanked by either sides were more road (with less lanes, separated from the middle road by a thin line of trees.

Ho Chi Minh-172304I find their urban planning is so much better than ours, for example one could actually walk along the banks of the river Song Sai Gon (as great as our Chao Phraya river) and actually enjoy the magnificent view. In our case you’d be lucky to even know where our Chao Pharya river is, along both side of the river banks are full of residential and retail space… apparently ‘Greed’ got in the way.

Late in the evening, while doing more property survey we walked past the Bitexco Financial Tower, a stately building, reminded me a lot of the ‘Eye of Sauron’ but without the evil bits, haa haa haa. It totally dwarf everything and anything in Ho Chi Minh (but for how long, at the rate of the city development I shan’t be surprised if something else more ginormous comes along within the next few years.).

Instead of just walking past, the boss saw that there was a viewing gallery on the 49th floor (200,000 VND each), so with time in hands there was no way we were going to miss this. From my side I was kicking myself for not bringing my third limb, the A7, actually I had decided only to use the phone camera on this trip, and as turned out it was challenging and there were more misses than hits, I’d guess just needed more practice.

If you take a look at the Bitexco Tower, you’ll notice a huge helipad, the boss thought that the viewing gallery was actually on that floor. So whilst we were walking around the viewing gallery the boss was trying to find the door out to the helipad, haa haa haa haa haa.

Ho Chi Minh-175354

Ho Chi Minh-182009

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