Thursday, October 15, 2015

Quiet lunch :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

You two are never loud or obnoxious anywhere, we would never you two get out of hand especially in public, it just wouldn’t be good manners :-) But sometimes during lunch, it can be very ‘entertaining’, lol.

20151010 Quiet lunchThere is no doubt Mar will be following Matt into Drama class for the after school activity, haa haa haa. Often when left alone, both of you would usually burst out in songs that made absolutely no sense, and trust me I’ve tried to make sense of them, lol.

Half term begins tomorrow, so during this week there were usual parent / teachers meetings, your mother took care of Mar’s meetings and part of Matt’s meetings (Swimming coach, Thai and so on). I was assigned to talk to your class teacher, Mr. Oxland (a very nice chap in deed).

As a laugh I asked Matt how I should behave myself, your reply was “just be yourself Papa”, lol, well that is what I was afraid of, haa haa haa haa haa.

The feed back for both of you were really positive, so we are on the right track after all. As a side note, at first Mr. Oxland thought Matt was going to be a little difficult to handle, but then after a week or so after you have settled in, he said the opposite was true, and he couldn’t be more pleased to have you in his class, lol. The truth was that Matt was super excited to be back at school and was naturally a bit over excited during the first week, haa haa haa.

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