Friday, October 16, 2015

How dare they!

Dear Matt and Mar,

I am quite angry with your school, for I am not really sure what they are playing at. I was hoping Mar would grow up to be happy in life, happy in love and definitely happy in her career, but it looks like your school is taking a huge liberty in forcing her to become an Ice-Sculptor! That is not a career for a country sitting on the equator!

Only IceHow dare they make it fun, exciting and totally awesome! This is school after all, I know that Mar is only 3 years old but surely this is the best time to introduce Calculus and Molecular manipulation… how dare they put out a huge block of ice on a hot summer day, not to mention all the cool toys to hack and sculpt the ice into whatever your imagines take you.

When I was your age, all I got was a box of toothpicks (we counted our blessing, for the toothpicks were not used ones, lol), which we used for counting exercises. How dare they trying to get you to think for yourself! How dare they trying to develop all of your senses… How dare they!

Must have a serious talk with your teacher after this half term break… I did not sign you up to be an Ice-Sculptor (haa haa haa haa haa, I am totally jealous, if Mar’s teacher wasn’t standing so close when I took the photo, I was going to play with it myself, see that plastic saw it was begging me to pick it up, lol).

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