Saturday, October 3, 2015

Barnaby Bear had become Positive Pig


Dear Matt and Mar,

Last year it was Barnaby the Bear, whom had come to stay with us for a couple of weekend last year, and now it is ‘Positive Pig’, will this ever end? (haa haa haa haa haa haa).

Perhaps you two have forgotten on how this work… take the class mascot home for the weekend, and write it into the class diary with photos to show what you’ve done.

It was a bit of a laugh really, instead of playing it safe like with Barnaby the Bear, I’ve found Positive Pig to be very adventurous, haa haa haa, a few photos taken never made it into Matt’s diary, haa haa haa. Positive Pig doesn’t want Mr. Oxland to see him jumping from the second floor and into Matt’s hands a floor below, lol, great catch though.

So here were the photos that made it, still waiting to see what Mr. Oxland would say about putting Positive Pig on the stove in the restaurant, haa haa haa, lets hope he sees the funny side of it (fingers cross).

Positive Pig Story 1

Positive Pig Story 2

Positive Pig Snowy 1

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