Sunday, August 2, 2015

Home at last :-)


Dear Matt and Mar,

2 weeks felt like 2 days, can’t believe it was already time to pick up Gio and Matt from the Airport, with today’s tech. it didn’t feel like we were 6,000+ miles apart, ‘Google Hangout’ and ‘Line Chat’ worked well enough, lol.

Because the flight arrived in the afternoon meant that Mar still had time to attend her morning class, and decided to wear her art piece (that was made in class) to pick up her mum and brother lol. Time wasn’t on our side, so lunch had to be taken at the Airport, could have bought a ticket to Spain on the cost of the meal we had, haa haa haa haa haa.

Me and Mar-01014Me and Mar-01011

Me and Mar-01025

Matt looked physically tired and so was your mother, the follow day (Sunday) both your mother and Matt suffered badly with the jetlag, and both of them had to go back to bed after breakfast for some much needed sleep, leaving Mar and I alone once more… we definitely weren’t complaining… too many fun things to do (as always), lol.

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