Thursday, July 16, 2015

Swimming in the Bedroom


Dear Matt and Mar,

What an eventful morning we’ve just had, the time must have been around 06:45, when your aunt crashed through the bedroom door and shouting... as I was still in slumberland, I could only pick up the few key words in her sentence, but those were enough to jolt me out of bed and running like Usain to the third bedroom... ‘Flood’, ‘Bedroom’, ‘Quick’, haa haa haa.

The bathroom in the 3rd bedroom was in short a tiny paddling pool, and the water was now overflowing into the bedroom (which has wooden floor, aaahhhhhh). Luckily I am a bit of a odd job man, so it was a simple matter of turning off the valve, your aunt was superb and in a jiffy the all the water in the bedroom was mopped up. The paddling pool was also disappearing (after clearing the drainage and opening the shower door so that the water could exit both ways).

Should have known, lol.
Now for the cause, and I am kicking myself here, last week I had discovered that one of the flexible water pipe leading from the tap (in the wall) to the water heater (below the sink) was ‘rusty’, and I could remember myself thinking where is the leak? Because rust usually means water and air...

Here it is :-)
But I did nothing, at that time the floor was still dry (so there was no ‘proper’ leak), but now with hindsight, the water was seeping from the pipe itself and it was rusting the metal mesh that was encasing the pipe, in the end it was just waiting to become a proper break (which of course happened this morning)... haa haa haa.

Next question, how long has it been flooding the floor... well, I went to bed around midnight, and your aunt saw the waterfall around six thirty... So there is window of around six and a half hour. Judging by flow of the leak and the amount of water in the rooms, I am hoping it hasn’t been longer than an hour.

The fear is now about the water seeping through to the floor below, and the warping of the floor and furniture, nothing to do now but to keep my fingers crossed, as I am writing this the fan is going full pelt blowing on the floor and into the small bathroom, lol.

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