Saturday, July 4, 2015

Off to Spain :-)


Dear Matt and Mar,

It will be a strange a couple of weeks, this Friday Gio and Matt will be off to Spain for two weeks, not much else to say really, haa haa haa. Matt will be travelling with a bunch of his friends from SHB, so that leaves Mar and I alone for 2 weeks, with the help of Aunty Tip of course.

Spanish FlagThinking of taking Mar to the seaside, she has been wanting to go to ‘Jungle house’ and also to see the sheep again, haa haa haa, it will be tough to ask for more leave though, lol. Both your mother and I had been taking quite a lot of leave recently, you two can not imagine the amount of event both of you have during the final week of school year, haa haa haa.

I am sure your mother is really looking forward spending 2 weeks with Matt, and I am more than excited to be alone with Mar during these 2 weeks, I have already planned to skip a couple of art classes, and head towards the modern museum, it is going to be great.


Today is the final day of term for the both of you, and also the day that Matt and your mother travels to Spain. Again cutting half day off work, haa haa haa, well the plan was to leave the condo at around 16:00… your mother arrived from work to the apartment at… guess what… 16:00. I was pacing up  and down like an expectant father, haa haa haa. Must give credit to your mother though, in all the years (many, many years, lol) we’ve been together, I have never seen her showered, dressed, make up and pack this quick, haa haa haa.

Off to Spain-180934

I was going to leave Mar back here in the apartment with auntie Tip, but after explaining to her that I was going to drop Matt and Gio off at the airport and that she was going to remain in the apartment… the waterworks started… lol. It was almost 17:00 when we headed off. The first thing in mind was supper for you two… so I’d called ahead to Jay Ngor (one of the most well known Chinese restaurant in BKK) as the restaurant was close to the expressway.

Well us Thai call it ‘Express Way’ but during rush hours, one might as well call it a flipping ‘Car Park’, after picking up the fried rice we entered the ‘Car Park’, haa haa haa haa haa haa. My heart was pounding as the check in and immigration can take a while, a long, long while. At least while we were stuck in the ‘car park’ you two had time to enjoy your supper, in fact we all dug into the gorgeous fried rice, lol.

Just a little before 18:00 we finally parked the car, the check in line was virtually empty (Qatar) so I am assuming the immigration would be the same. My stomach was full of butterflies saying good bye, a bit soppy I know but butterflies are butterflies… haa haa haa haa haa haa.

Off to Spain-1435929846712-2This is the picture that you mother had sent after Matt and your mother had boarded the plane… :-) butterflies… haa haa haa.

Hoping you’ll have a fantastic time, can’t wait to chat on the Google Hangout… :-)

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