Thursday, July 2, 2015

Noddy International Day 2015


Dear Matt and Mar,

Can not believe it is already time for another International Day at Noddy, lol. This is where every nationalities put on a small show as well as setting up a booth showcasing what is special or unique about their country (mostly food, haa haa haa).

This is by far the most important annual event at Noddy, and one can tell, the booth were beautifully decorated and the food were fantastic… unfortunately this year I had to run after the show and could not join the walk around, as each child has a little passport, and they have to go to each booth and get them stamp… Oh how I wished I had stayed now, lol.

The ‘Thai’ show was (and I am guessing here) a very old nursery rhyme, ‘yok mue kuen lae moon moon’ (lift up your hands and turn it turn it, is pretty much the direct translation). Mar has been singing this for weeks, and of course it comes with a dance… haa haa haa haa.

Such fun… haa haa haa

Mar has been practicing it so much, both your mother and I are still singing it more than a week later, haa haa haa, even Matt was complaining slightly, haa haa haa. Just recently Mar has

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