Thursday, June 18, 2015

Women homeless shelter


Dear Matt and Mar,

As it was soon to be Otto’s birthday, his family was arranging lunch for the homeless women (shelter) somewhere to the north of Bangkok, you both, Sofia.R and several others were invited. However Sofia’s mother was away overseas, and as we are living in the same condo it just made sense for Sofia to come with us.


There was a slight misunderstanding so our group arrived a little late, lunch had already been served, so you three didn’t have a chance to help out, however you were in time to help out with the dessert though, running around handing out ice creams and ice lollies.

The atmosphere was so different than a couple of weeks ago when we visited the Orphanage, as mentioned earlier, these ladies must have had a very hard life, whether mentally or physically, and it was very obvious that they all needed help and I am glad there is a place like this to take care of them.

I had avoided taking any photos of the tenants out of respect for their privacy, but did manage to take a couple of photos of the gang as we were about to leave. We were in a bit of a rush as it was getting on, and I knew I had three very hungry children in the van, haa haa haa.

I can not post any of the photos here because I have not asked the parents of all your friends if it was ok for me to post a photo of their child in this post, I think I would be miffed too if someone posted a photo of you two on the internet without our permission.

After lunch Matt promised to meet up with Sofia for a swim, and as a bonus you two managed to play a game of Uno as well... No Matt, you didn’t win, haa haa haa. I do love the plastic Uno cards though, especially made to be played by the pool.

Because we were in such a rush (to the restaurant, as I could hear your stomach rumbling) I didn’t have the time to make a small donation to the shelter, but with today’s tech it was easier to find them on line, and by chance I’d also found another shelter under the same name but for men. A few days later a small donation was made to both shelter, I am planning to do this monthly, they do really need everyone’s support.

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