Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Saturday fun


Dear Matt and Mar,

Any break from our Saturday routine are always most welcome, haa haa haa. Instead of rushing home after the final activity (Thai Class for Matt and Art Class for Mar), we’d stopped by... actually I don’t quite know what to call it... perhaps the best term would be ‘community’ garden? Just did a quick Google (is it safe to use ‘Google’ as a verb instead of the word ‘Search’?), one online newspaper is calling it an ‘Urban farm’, the actual name is in fact ‘Root Garden’.

Saturday fun-00008

Saturday fun page

One donates money to access the garden, which is full of activity for young children, as well as a cafe for us boring old fogies too... haa haa haa haa haa. What impresses me the most were the staff, super nice, super helpful and super kind. To have this kind of setup right in the heart of Thonglor is something very different and a superb idea :-)

Mar quickly made new friends, and Matt & Mar were both hooked on feeding the goats and watering the plants :-) Oh how I miss England, all those greeneries, anything is better than this concrete jungle, lol.

In the evening, all I can say about supper was that the carrots were a little on the chunky side... haa haa haa.

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