Friday, June 26, 2015

New Routine :-)


Homework-PageDear Matt and Mar,

Since your mother is so busy at work, a new routine has developed in our house. I am now no longer the last person home :-) Most nights I would be home around seven-ish, just in time for you two to be finishing up your supper.

After supper would be some TV time, then the fun time begins... haa haa haa, shower and brushing of teeth never seems to get any easier, lol. Flushing out Matt’s sinuses is the latest routine, and that has helped out so much with his blocked up nose.

After you two are nice and clean, it would be time for homework, especially for Matt, but Mar, as always wanted to be a part of everything, so she has her ‘colouring’ homework to do too. This is probably my favourite time of the evening, Matt and I try to do all of the weekly homework by Wednesday. So for Thursday and Friday instead of homework we would spend about 40 mins on the PS4 playing Lego Marvels.

I’ve never expected Lego Marvel to be so much fun, working together with Matt to solve the puzzles has turned out to be the the biggest laugh of all. Shouting instructions to Matt and vice versa reminded me a lot of all the boarding school banters in the dorm (although this one is the ‘clean’ version, haa haa haa).

Around nine each evening you two would already be in dreamland... as for me? I would jump back onto the PS4 to save the world once more... haa haa haa.


[I don’t know how hit has happened, but apparently this post had been written way back in April, but for some unknown reason it was saved in ‘draft’ within Windows Live Writer (my utmost fav. program) and I had totally forgotten about it, until I saw it by accident just literally 3 minutes ago]

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