Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Matt is seven :-)


Matt is 7-00065Dear Matt and Mar,

Wow, 5th of May had already been and gone... and so ‘Happiest of Birthday’ to you Matt... :-)

Mar was much more excited than Matt ever was, haa haa haa, and she must have sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to Matt more times than there are Russians in Pattaya.

So the mayhem starts, 5th of May is also a public holiday to celebrate our beloved King’s coronation anniversary, well apart for Matt as his school was still open. Not to our surprise, the roads were absolutely empty and after dropping off Matt only to find out that Matt’s morning break had moved up from 10:30 to 09:00. So I was in my formula one mode driving to the cake shop, picked up two cakes, one for school and one for home.

Matt is 7-00079After the picking up the cakes, had to rushed home to pick up Mar, your mother and auntie Tip, then head back to the school just in time for Matt’s morning break. Mar was crying because there was no room for her to sit with Matt, but we cured that fast enough with the magic chocolate cake... haa haa haa haa haa.

After Matt’s morning break, our family stayed behind to join the whole school’s celebration of our King’s coronation anniversary, so it was the morning well spent :-)

In the evening it was all about Matt’s present... PS4! (I was more excited than Matt, lol) and another round of cake for Mar... haa haa haa. Happy Birthday Matt, and don’t play too much Lego Marvel... haa haa haa.

Your mother and I, and a few other parents had already begun talking about sending our children overseas… haa haa haa haa haa. I was shipped off to England when I was ten, and that had really helped me to be assimilated (in a good way) into the culture and the life. Now with so many years behind me, I think I should have gone sooner, but my heart will surely be shattered into pieces if I don’t get to see you or Mar every morning, noon and night.


Matt is 7-00110

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