Saturday, June 6, 2015

A friend’s BD… :-)


SFD BD-00255Dear Matt and Mar,

There are three Sofias in your class, so each time we say ‘Sofia’ one must follow the ‘Sofia’ with the surname initial,it is the perfect solution, haa haa haa. Well unless you were me, somehow in my head it works better to follow each ‘Sofia’ with where they have come from... Sofia Spain, Sofia UK and Sofia Australia, the surname still leaves me in a blank state, haa haa haa.

Anyway Sofia.D (aka singing Sofia (she is a good singer), aka Sofia Australia) had her birthday a few weeks ago, and we were invited to a pool party, this was the first pool party for any of us. What a great idea, instead of hiring a clown or a magician, Sofia’s parents arranged for a pool party. The organiser comes to your pool with a huge water platform, toys, slides and so much more...

I was a little scared for Mar though, as she tends to want to join in with Matt and his much older friends, luckily the pool has a small kid pool but it didn’t mean Mar was going to stay where she had been placed... haa haa haa, she gave me at least almost 3 heart attacks.

The day was brilliant, after the pool party it all ended with 2 huge Pinata... wow, those kids can hit hard... haa haa haa.

I am avoiding posting too many photos of your friends, or where I can I’ll just blur it, or make the photos on the small side, privacy is not my call so less exposure the better :-)

SFD BD-00216SFD BD-00201

 SFD BD-00206SFD BD-00260

SFD BD-00265

SFD BD-00289x

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