Tuesday, May 26, 2015

MBK’s Arcade :-)


Arcade-09974Dear Matt and Mar,

Once in a blue moon your mother would allow us to go to the arcade (I am also included in the ‘us’ part too, lol), this time round it was because your mother needed to get her contact lens, and the best place for them is at MBK... Ok, when I say the best place of course I’d meant the cheapest, lol.

Kids without fun, is like cappuccino without milk nor foam... it just isn’t a cappuccino, it just isn’t a ‘life’, lol. Balance is really the key, but admittedly tearing the kids away from one of these places, would probably have been easier to tear the moon away from the earth with nothing but an old pair of tiny tweezers, where the ends just doesn’t quite meet, lol.

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