Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Another Piggy :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Matt has been asking me forever to ‘smash’ the second piggy… haa haa haa. Anyway precautions needed to be taken, hence the sun glasses, so ‘no’ I didn’t want you two to look swarve just for the photograph. The sunglasses were really there for your safety… as a by product, it did make you two look rather cool too, haa haa haa.

Another piggy-1-Edit

Another piggy-09479-Edit

Smashing the piggy was far too satisfying than I should admit, lol. Matt gave it a few little tap at first and the piggy didn’t even flinch, haa haa haa, after some instructions Matt gave it a huge whack… haa haa haa. Mar also had a go too, finishing it off once and for all… So many coins, lol.

In the evening when my mother and aunt was here, it was their pleasure to do the laundering, haa haa haa, I think you two made almost 3,000 bahts this time round… I was just happy that you two still have both your eyes still intact, haa haa haa.

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