Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

Dear Matt and Mar,

This year Chinese New Year came early, not exactly sure how it is calculated, it just seems a very early this year, not that I am complaining, lol. So this post is just a tad late, haa haa haa, CNY was back in mid Feb and now it will be April in a few days, haa haa haa.

CNY 2015-09163Of course I took a day off work, less and less companies are giving a day off for the Chinese New Year, however that is understandable, this being in Thailand we do enjoy 3 New Years, Universal New Year, Chinese New Year and Thai New Year (respectively). But the major one is the Thai New Year, Songkran festival.

So our small family gathered at my parents house for a huge lunch, your mother was busy but somehow she managed to find time to join, lol. All the credits must go to my mother who virtually cooked enough food for five armies and their families, haa haa haa.

You two always look forward in coming to my parents, apart being spoilt rotten this time you are getting the Ung-Pao too (Chinese tradition where the elders give the younger members of the family money in red/pink envelope).

Our family seems to be getting more fractured, not emotionally but physically. In the past, it was my grand parents (mother’s side), they were like ‘glue’, can’t really think of a better word. They had 4 children (my mother was the youngest) and of course all 4 children has family of their own. So at New Year all would gather at my grand parents, and it was quite fun, now that they are no longer here each of the four children tends to remain within themselves, I can’t even remember the last time I saw my cousin, may be it is time to change all that, lol.

So are you wondering how much Ung-Pao you got this year… haa haa haa, I’d say ‘too much’… haa haa haa.

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