Saturday, February 21, 2015

Seeing 1865 :-)

Siam 1865-08763Dear Matt and Mar,

A week following the fun trip to Rayong, I got wind of a photo exhibition (probably via Facebook) of a photographer named John Thomson, the photographs were taken during 1865 - 1866 of various scenes around Bangkok.

I am passionately into photography, and to the chance to see these photographs was a chance I can not miss, on a whim I’d also told my mother (who is passionate about history) and another blue moon had just occurred, lol, we decided to visit the Bangkok National Gallery together.

It turned out to be another fantastic day, there were about 60 photos on display, to see the old landmarks, community, people and the overall ambience of Bangkok during the end of King Rama 4’s reign was amazing to say the least.

Of course you two were more interested in running around the grounds (outside), but that was fine, the rest of the team had a really good morning, my father ended up buying the book of the exhibition and I bought a few postcards for keepsakes.

I’d kept going back to my mother for in depth explanation of this and that, nice to have a walking encyclopedia along side, lol. Will certainly keep an ear to the ground for exhibitions like this, lol.


Siam 1865 page


Siam 1865 page 5


Siam 1865 page 4


Siam 1865-08807

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