Saturday, February 21, 2015

Coffee, Cakes and Cats, lol.

Cats and Coffee-09144Dear Matt and Mar,

Mar and I go to The Up (small community mall) every Saturday morning for her Brain School, whilst Matt and Gio goes to the driving range. After Mar’s class we always pop into the supermarket to pick up a small bar of chocolate for Mar and a lollipop for Matt (Mar never forgets getting the lollipop and get quite upset if I don’t buy it, haa haa haa).

Opposite the supermarket is this cafe call Cat Up Cafe, through the windows I can see several cats lounging around, together with the name you didn’t need to be Sherlock to assume that it was one of those theme cafe. Mar was dying to go in, but it doesn’t open till noon so we never had the chance to pay it a visit, that was until last weekend.

Saturday is always a  full day, Brain School, Golf, Piano and Thai lesson pretty much fills the whole day, but last Saturday we rushed from Matt’s Thai lesson to The Up just to visit the Cat Cafe, would you believe there was a queue waiting to get in? haa haa haa.

I knew it was trouble once I’d set foot through door, because it was going to be easier to put ten elephants into a Robin Reliant than getting either Matt or Mar to leave this place, and it closes at 22:00, which I have no plan to stay that late.

We’d ended up coming here both on a Saturday (with your mother) and the following Sunday (alone with me after a full day of activity, I was running out of ideas so we ended up here (you two wouldn’t have it any other way)), getting Mar to leave on Saturday was almost nigh on impossible, Sunday was a bit easier… lol.

All in all I quite like the place, but seeing a cat sleeping on a sofa, stirred, woken up and puked all over the chair did tarnish the whole experience some what, but of course you two didn’t care one bit, lol.


Cats and Coffee page


Cats and Coffee page

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