Tuesday, February 17, 2015

All Clear :-)

Scanning Room
Dear Matt and Mar,

Yesterday (10.02.2015) was just another working day, until your mother messaged me, ‘Mar has to go to hospital tonight na’... then a wave of dreaded feelings rushed through me. About a year ago Mar suffered from a continuous bout of high temperature, one directly after another. The cause of the high temperature was an infection, a urinary infection.

The doctor was concern because a child this young do not hold their number one, they usually just let it rip when it is time to go (haa haa haa haa haa), so further tests were done, and that was when they discovered the stones in Mar’s kidney.

They even went as far as starting discussions on surgery procedures... however the surgeon decided to give it time because he didn't want to operate on a child this young, especially for kidney stones.

So during this past year, we made sure Mar drinks lots and lots of water (liquid), the doctor said about a litre a day, I think with juice, water and etc we were pretty much close to the target.

Initially a year ago, I went a little crazy, must have ready up on all journals on kidney stones in children and how to treat them, well after a while, after consuming all the information I began to calm down, as all we could do was to give it time. Give it time to see if the stones grow or (slim chance) will it simply just disappear.

So I knocked off work early, rushed to the hospital to the sound of Mar singing... you were happy, lol. The first attempt at the ultrasound was a complete failure, haa haa haa, apparently not enough water in your bladder.

After drinking a huge glass of water, the second time to the ultrasound room was a great success, Mar did everything to the letter of the doctor’s instructions, lol. The doctor had several screens in front of her, a couple were showing the scan from a year ago, and the live monitor directly in front, was now showing the scan of Mar’s little belly.

You could see that the doctor was a little puzzled, angling Mar this way and that, twisting the scanner left and right, all with no avail. She just couldn't find the stones that were there a year ago... Of course there was a very slim chance that it could have disappeared, but I didn't think we were going to be that lucky.

But we were, after a long while and after scanning other parts, she simply turned around and said she just couldn't find it, it was like lifting a huge mountain from our very chests.

We’ll continue to make sure that Mar has plenty of fluid, but we couldn't have asked for a better result, what a fantastic way to end the day.

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