Thursday, December 4, 2014

Uber or not to Uber :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

A couple of months ago and for the longest time we were debating on the logistics of delivering you two to and from school, unfortunately your aunt do not drive, and with your mother returning to work we were debating on hiring a driver, then came along the idea of using Uber instead.

Of course the first thing we considered were the costs, if we hire a driver we were looking at 12,000 THB per month (or more), then there is the cost of petrol and amortisation on the vehicles, let just say it could be 15,000 THB every month. But if you look into our needs based on 12 months, there will be gaps when we don’t need a dedicated driver, such as school holiday and so on.

Now looking at the other side of the fence, Uber may be expensive, but the cars are always shipshape and clean, no burden of petrol nor amortisation. Uber is super convenient, but one needs to get use to flexible rate (the base rate could be jacked up x 2.5).

So far I have been tracking it month by month, and our average usage is around 8,000 to 10,000 THB per month, not too bad especially considering we don’t have to deal with any people issue and so far Uber performs as it was advertised.

No cash involved, all fares are charged to the credit card, so all I had to do was to set up the app on the main iPad and your aunt would use it to call on Uber. Recently Uber-x had just been launched too, small car, smaller (lower) price, lol.

Unfortunately our brilliant government is trying hard to get rid of Uber, but if anyone who has lived in BKK for long enough will likely to say, calling upon a Taxi in BKK is not a pleasurable experience, more than often they will just refuse to take you, and all you can do is to hail another Taxi, and another, and another.

Your mother’s parents were actually told to get out of the Taxi 10 minutes into their journey and were left on a very darkened street at night! And the government is trying to get rid of this? Please don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good Taxi out there but somehow from experience the bad apples easily outweighs the good ones.

Of course this is a one sided perspective, but we really, really like the service... lol.

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