Monday, December 15, 2014

Father’s Day 2014

Dear Matt and Mar,

Father’s day in Thailand falls on the 5th of December, which is also our beloved King’s Birthday, actually perhaps that should be the other way round, our beloved King’s birthday is on the 5th, which is also Thailand Father’s day, lol.

Traditionally everyone wears yellow, this is because our King was born on the Monday, and in Thailand, Monday is yellow, so as you can see from the pic. Trust me we are not that coordinated as a family when it comes to fashion... haa haa haa.

Father's day-07954

Father's day-07940Father's day-07962

Results from a fun time at the park :-) By the way you two got told off at the park for feeding the pigeons haa haa haa.

Father's day-07991

Father's day-07989

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