Friday, December 12, 2014

Barnaby the Bear 2014

Dear Matt and Mar,

A couple of weeks ago Barnaby Bear came back to stay with Matt along with the diary of whom he had been staying, if my memory serves me right Matt was probably the fifth or sixth person in the diary this time round.

Last year when he came to stay we didn’t take him out anywhere, but this time Matt was determined to take him absolutely everywhere during our busy weekend.

Early start on Saturday for Barnaby with golf, then a short break before we all headed out for lunch. Early afternoon he went with Matt the music school, immediately followed by a Thai class. We even took him out to supper too.


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Sunday was a bit more relaxing, we were supposed to have picnic (breakfast) in the park but I was lazy (haa haa haa), so after breakfast we all piled in the car with Barnaby sitting in the front so he could enjoy the view and drove to the park.

Barnaby totally enjoyed feeding the fish on the lake then played around in the park, after that we spent time shopping at the mall, all in all it was a pretty fun weekend, and I think Barnaby totally enjoyed his time with us that weekend.

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