Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another change… :-)

Mum and Mar-06741Dear Matt and Mar,

Ok, so your mother has been back at work now for about four months (prior to that it has been six years of full time dedication looking after the both of you), and she is now about to change job… unfortunately her current position wasn’t the right match and now she has been offered another position elsewhere, and after a very long thought she had decided to accept the offer.

The current job is literally only down the road, the new one is again, literally even closer down the road, haa haa haa (well, for the time being.) For the next 6 months your mother will be working next door to our apartment, haa haa haa, after that her office should be only a few stop on the BTS down in Phrompong area.

The new position is a real challenge, which will suit her just fine… lol.

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