Thursday, October 9, 2014

Weekend Snaps

Putthamonthon-06661Dear Matt and Mar,

What an interesting weekend, we went through our normal routine for this past Saturday, Matt went off with your mother for his and her Golf, I accompanied Mar to her Brain School activity. I’d noticed that Mar was a little off her usual ‘Miss Sunshine’ self.

On our drive back, Mar was quite quiet, I’d assumed that she was engrossed with the cartoon on TV. Your mother was late in getting back home than usual, later found out that she was shopping for some golf stuff, so by the time she and Matt got back it was almost time to leave again.

Cutting the long story short, on our drive to lunch and Matt’s Piano lesson, your mother discovered that Mar was a little warm... So naturally lunch was difficult, it was obvious that Mar had no appetite, and that is never a good sign for Mar (haa haa haa).

After lunch and Piano, by then Mar’s skin was burning to the touch, so we did a quick detour to the Hospital, your mother and Mar went to the Doc. while Matt and I drove on and headed off to Matt’s Thai lesson.

Stomach flu was the diagnostic, at least she was not vomiting this time round, lol. Early to bed for everyone, and I was expecting a very quiet and difficult Sunday...


Putthamonthon-06666As it turned out Mar was back to her bouncy-self very, very, very early Sunday morning, haa haa haa haa haa. So we decided to the execute the Phutthamonthon plan. For the past couple of weeks your grandmother wanted to go to this restaurant quite a way out of the city and as it was on the way to Phutthamonthon I’d thought it was a good idea to visit the park after lunch.

Lunch ran a little long, but there were still plenty of time, it was great to have been able to spend most of the day with my parents and my aunt, our lives seems to be running in different directions most of the time these days, haa haa haa.



Mar at Putthamonthon


Mar and Agong

Matt and Mar at Putthamonthon[3]

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