Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fun time in Pattaya – Part 2.

24th Pattaya-06907-EditDear Matt and Mar,

24th October 2014 - Could we have any more fun?

Breakfast, played on the swing and shower, our morning’s routine went without a hitch, Mar’s stomach has certainly settled down and we were glad there weren’t anymore projectile of vomits flying across the breakfast table.

Our destination this morning was ‘Cartoon Network Amazone’ which is the latest and greatest water park in Pattaya, with the entrance fee of 1,250 for a (Thai) adult I certainly didn’t expect there to be a queue... could I have been more wrong? Amazone opens at 10:00 and when we drove past at 10:15 the queue was so long we’d even contemplated on not going in, but the look on Matt’s face made me do the thing I hated the most, queuing.

Luckily Mar was fast asleep, Matt and your mother kept each other busy whilst I queued up... at least their staff were quite proactive, one of the staff would come by and ‘take your order’ so to speak, noting down type and number of tickets wanted, “Would you like a Cabana?”... haa haa haa, of course I said yes to everything. At the end we bought 2 adult (Thai) tickets (non-Thai pays a little more) 1 child ticket, hired a Cabana and hired a locker (for 4 hours)...

Although there was a long queue, but once you were in, due the huge size of the waterpark the place was still comfortable and didn’t seem crowded at all. The cabana came in quite handy as now we had a place to park all of our stuff, a private area to have lunch and not to mention a shelter from the rain, and it did rain :-)

Amazone can be divided into 3 big sections, one for smaller children, one of adult (120 cm or taller) and a wave pool. Unfortunately Matt is only 110 tall so he wasn’t allowed to go on the adult rides (I did breathe a huge sigh of relief, haa haa haa). There is also an area for flow board as well as a smaller pool for the children.

The choices for lunch were actually really good both in terms of taste and quality but it may not be ‘value for money’ but again one can understand their need for such a high price (don’t buy the orange slushy… they were good but at 150 THB, I bought three without checking the price first, haa haa haa).

Page in Cabana

The quality of the slides, the ambience, the design, the gimmicks and the small touches were quite brilliant, even in the so called kids section, unfortunately I think they were short of staff as not all the slides were open at the same time. Sadly (smirk) I didn’t have a chance to try out the grown up section (I was going to write ‘adult section’, but that just sounds dirty, haa haa haa). I think by the time we are here again this is where we’ll be spending most of our time. Mar on the other hand didn’t care for any of the slides, she just wanted to dive in the pool. (I’ll post some videos in a separate post).

I didn’t think Mat and Mar would ever wanted leave, but after almost four hours of running around it was quite surprising that you two were so agreeable to go back to the resort, actually your mother had other plan. We decided to drive out of the city and visit uncle Chat’s new business venture, a Thai restaurant in the industrial estate not too far from his factory.

Your mother and I agree that his business should do really well (it has only been 2 weeks) because of the location and a lack of real competitors… we all wish him luck (he won’t need it, lol) with Sanay-Har Thai Restaurant :-)

By the time we had dinner and got back to the resort, guess what, you two were once again fast asleep.

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