Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Weekend Snaps… :-)

Weekend Snaps-06528Dear Matt and Mar,

Saturday is by far the busiest day for all of us, your mother and Matt have Golf at 09:00, at the same time Mar has her ‘Brain School’ (what a name)… for me I usually just plonk down at KFC while waiting for Mar, haa haa haa. After the classes we would all meet up back at the apartment, Matt usually spends time doing his homework and Mar just runs around giggling, haa haa haa.

Around eleven-ish or twelve-ish all of us would pile out for lunch, then Matt has his piano lesson at 13:30, during that time Mar would also runs around and giggling. Almost always on our way home from piano, Mar would fall asleep, so I would drop off your mother and Mar at the apartment while Matt and I head off to his Thai lesson at 16:00.

Since Matt no longer has Chinese on Sunday morning, we are so free to do whatever we want… yeaaaaaaa.

A couple of weekends ago, there was an art exhibition for the blind at Chamchuri (where Matt has his piano class), so it would have been a crime if we didn’t let you two loose… lol.


Weekend Snaps-06533

Weekend Snaps-06543

Weekend Snaps-06479

Weekend Snaps-06490

Weekend Snaps-06497

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