Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Salt and Blue Light, haa haa haa.

Dear Matt and Mar,

Perhaps filling out the suggestion card prior to the food arriving was defeating the purpose of the suggestion card, haa haa haa. But Matt had a go anyway... So... "I like the food with Salt" was in itself quite a worrying comment, especially when your mother having trying her best to keep the sodium content at a reasonable level, haa haa haa.

Then the second comment "I like the blue light"... well we had to ask Matt what he'd meant, then without a thought Matt pointed to the ceiling, and now all of us were looking to the ceiling, and through a tiniest of gap and there we saw a glimpse of blue light... So Matt was considering the ambiance of the restaurant and not just the quality of the food... haa haa haa, well done in deed, lol.

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