Sunday, September 7, 2014

Goodbye Joob Joob :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

I was dreading this day for nothing, now that Mar is approaching 3, it was time for her to give up her Joob Joob (dummy).

I remembered the day when Matt had to ditch his dummy, it was terrible, just like an adult trying to give up cigarettes, actually much worse. Matt did struggle pretty hard, and all that sticks in my mind was his searing temperature and we ended up having to admit him into hospital (not sure if the giving up of dummy was the causation of the high temp., probably the wrong correlation altogether but it certainly felt like it was due to that, haa haa haa).

Mama and Mar Noddy-0901So I was dreading that this would repeat for little Mar, two peas in a pod obviously doesn’t taste the same, lol, Mar’s transition into the life without her Joob Joob was as natural as me eating a pie.

It all started a few weeks ago, we noticed that Mar had started biting the dummy more and more, to the extent that all of them would have been split into two pieces if it wasn’t because of a tiniest piece of plastic strand holding them together.

Of course we were afraid that the dummy would split in half and the plastic piece would be swallowed and choke you during the night, oh how positive we parents can be, haa haa haa… not, lol.

I’d even went out and bought Mar two more dummies, and those lasted less than a week, we ended up taking the almost completely separated dummies over to Mar and let her pull them all apart, just so she understood that there were no more dummies in the house.

Just like an adult hungrily searching and hoping to find a forgotten cig at the bottom of a drawer. Today, Mar was searching her travel bag for the dummy, but all she could find were the lids… lol. I’d expect her to make more fuss, but she didn’t, just threw the lids aside and went back to playing.

It has been a couple of nights now, and all looking good so far… :-)

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