Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Show… lol.

DSC06155-EditDear Matt and Mar,

Matt’s long awaited concert went swimmingly (gently wiping my brows with the back of my hand), haa haa haa haa haa. The hall was at Goethe Institut (only 10 minutes away), the place certainly was  charming, I can only assume it was old-ish, with ample of greenery.

As usual parking was very limited, luckily there was a private parking facility literally next door to Goethe, so the logistic was a simple one, drop off the team, park the car and run back as fast as I can. When I was back I was expecting to see Mar running all over the place, but unexpectedly Mar was sitting like a proper little lady. Only when I walked around to the front to see the real reason why Mar was not a little monkey... I saw a small tub of ice cream... haa haa haa.

DSC06152-EditMatt was now in the room upstairs with the rest of the little performers, we were lucky to have found a seat at the front, but unfortunately the only angle I could get was the back of Matt’s head, lol. So I’d decided to shoot off a couple of stills before switching over the record the video for the remain of the set.

Matt performed 3 songs, at the beginning a few weeks ago Matt was supposed to perform 2 songs (like the rest of the group), but you went to the teacher and asked to also add one of your fav song to the list.

The 3 pieces went almost perfectly, you are still having small issue putting your hands in the correct starting position, but apart from that it was absolutely brilliant, Mama, Mar and I couldn’t have been more proud, well done Matt.

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