Saturday, August 30, 2014

Thank you Anthony Morganti :-)

I have watched a lot of youtube videos on Lightroom tutorials. Most if not all were very specific on an individual tool or a set of tools, please don’t get me wrong the tutorials were mostly brilliant (and a huge thanks for their time in making it), but none (well, from my search anyway) was in a style I was looking for.

Anthony MorgantiBy the end of the usual tutorials, I would know the tools (and its name), what it does (e.g. makes things darker or brighter etc.) and how to physically use it (i.e. slide the slider to the left and right) but the most important thing of how 'should' one uses it was more than often never touched upon, what I really wanted was how the pros use them, or some tricks of the trade (rules of thumb) that are practiced by professional / experienced Lightroom users.

The alternative argument is to simply just to use the tools until one's eyes tells one's brain 'that looks pretty good', lol. But again it's nice to know the 'best practice' from other more experienced users.

Then quite by accident I came across Mr. Anthony Morganti’s Youtube Channel (I’ll post his playlist at the end), this was exactly what I was looking for, going through the workflow of someone who is very proficient in Lightroom.

In the very first video, we get to see how the he uses the ‘Basic Tools’ (in the Development Module), and I’d learnt something new immediately, taking the highlights to the minimum and shadows to the maximum (he did say this is a common practice for landscape photos), follow by the setting of the white point and black point. I’ve been using Lightroom for at least a couple of years and have never heard of setting of white and black point.

In the second video I’d learnt that by pressing ‘O’ we can change the type of crop grid (even flip some of them with shift-O), haa haa haa haa, talking about being late to the game...

I am really looking forward to his third video, where he will be starting on a new photo and do a real walkthrough of his workflow.

If you are a newbie-ish like me just follow the link below, it will take you to his Youtube Channel

Then there is also his website,

Mr. Anthony Morganti… I humbly thank you :-)

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