Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nothing is ever simple anymore… haa haa haa

20140824_231349Dear Matt and Mar,

I never know what I am going to get, the new toothbrush just magically appears one day, whilst the old one vanishes into thin air... I am an old fashion guy, so I prefer the traditionally old fashion toothbrushes, rectangular in shape with round edges (soft-ish and even height brush).

Last week, the old toothbrush, which was perfectly old fashioned and have been performing its single task flawlessly,  was suddenly forced into retirement (I am sure it went kicking and screaming), and in its place came this thing ‘I don’t know what’. Just too complicated, it looks like it was made to brush a mouth that was full of multi level, multi directional and multi layer teeth.

I don’t even know where to put the toothpaste! (haa haa haa haa). The feeling of this thing in my mouth is like brushing one’s teeth with a live cockroach that had been super glued (alive) to a long fat plastic stick, definitely not cool, lol.

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