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Long weekend in Pattaya

Pattaya July 2014-05835-EditDear Matt and Mar,

Timing was just right, you two are on summer holiday and will be starting summer activities/camp soon, it was also a long weekend and most importantly your mother will be going back to work on this coming Tuesday, so the timing was just right for us to go on a short break.

Being a long weekend we were ready for a fight to find a place to stay and eat with the massive exodus of Bangkokian trying to find a place to relax just like us... haa haa haa. Anyway, we decided to go back to Pattaya to visit uncle Chat, it has been a while and Matt has been asking to go  back and we know Mar will have fun talking to uncle Chat’s dogs again, haa haa haa.

Anyway, by some miracle we managed to find a room at the usual resort (literally next door to Uncle Chat’s house). Actually I don’t think Pattaya was busier than normal, but come to think of it we’d only went into Pattaya once and that was quite late.

To beat the traffic we’d decided to leave after my work on Thursday evening, eventually the wheels turned just after eight, and we ended up at the resort at almost eleven, the drive down was peaceful, because you two were fast asleep, haa haa haa haa haa.


Day One - Glorious Day.

We woke up to a glorious Friday morning, breakfast was terrible as usual, haa haa haa haa, your mother can go into much more detail than me, lol, with nothing really on the card we decided to have some pool time, much to the delight of the both of you.

After the swim when we were back in our room, and while Matt and us were running around doing this and that, Mar surprised all of us by falling asleep... haa haa haa, and as usual if either one of you fall asleep all of us wait, lol, and waited we did.

Pattaya July 2014-05706-EditLunch time came late, the first of many seafood for this long weekend, lol... you’ll discover soon when you are old enough that I am not picky in the slightest when it comes to food, and I mean in the slightest, lol, and that is why your mother makes all the decisions, lol, oh I do make suggestions but they are usually shot down by your mother... haa haa haa.

After lunch we headed off to Silverlake, but took the wrong entrance and ended up unexpectedly in quite an awesome place. I believe the common English name is Buddha Mountain (Khao Chi Chan), the name leaves nothing to the imagination, but when we turned into the car park we didn’t know this place even exist, and so to see this unexpectedly was pretty amazing.

Anyway after a quick walk around the grounds we took a very, very short drive to Silverlake, a vineyard, it feels like one is popping up every other day now in Thailand, there was a tour of the facility and to get a chance to walk among the grapes so to speak, but the sun was again angry, you two were a little tired and I was too busy with the cold grape juice, haa haa haa haa, so we skipped it. Instead we stayed in the visitor area high above the vines, the breeze was amazingly cool due to the rain earlier, the view was stunning, much better than all the similar places dotted around Thailand.

Pattaya July 2014-05729-Edit

For about forty minutes we stayed to enjoy the surrounding, after which came a longish drive to a local fresh market to pick up crabs and something, something for uncle Chat’s famous barbecue :-), your mother did the shopping while us three spent time in the local park playing tag... haa haa haa. The ‘appointment’ with uncle Chat was at six but we were fashionably late much to your mother’s delight (not).

As usual Mar spent most of the night talking to the dogs, Matt was hogging the TV and wouldn’t share iPad with uncle Chat’s children (but that is going to change after our stern talk), uncle Chat, your mother and I ended up chin wagging all night :-)


Day Two - What a day :-)
Saturday started off well enough, instead of having breakfast at the resort we decided to head to McDonald for some morning fun treat, it may not be very nutritious but the fun factor definitely was worth the trip. The first time we had breakfast at McDonald was through necessity (at the airport), and looking at how much you two enjoy this we’ll certainly do this again.

Pattaya July 2014-05775-EditAnyway, the previous evening auntie Larb suggests to us to visit a new attraction in Pattaya, ‘Pipo Pony Club’, the facility looks great and because we were there early the crowd was very light, in terms of fun I think it was more for Mar rather than Matt though.
Matt was having more fun drawing pictures in the sand while Mar was over the moon with all the tiny horses, lol. Matt decided he wanted to take a ride in the car (customised Mini) that was going around the facility, that was a surprise for me because you could walk around the place in less than 10 minutes. Anyway we decided to let Matt has his way because he certainly was not having that much fun. While that was happening Mar and I popped over to the food zone for some much needed ice cream... and that was where the fun begins.

While choosing the ice cream, the dreaded word was faintly uttered from Mar... ‘Papa, Papa, Pee Pee’... then she began to cross her legs... a sure sign of ‘must move quickly’... lol, unfortunately I was not fast enough. After profusely apologising to the staff (they were really kind), we headed off to clean up. Discovering shower facility was a surprise and  of course very welcome... haa haa haa.


Pattaya July 2014-05803-EditPattaya July 2014-05824-Edit

After Pipo almost everything went down hill, haa haa haa haa haa. We know that you two wanted to play on the beach and not wanting to disappoint the both of you, your mother and I searched high and low for a nice quiet beach, and we came up with two in Sattahip (which is the next district from Pattaya).

The plan was to find some place to eat near the beach then spend the rest of the afternoon playing on the beach, the two choices were ‘Hat Toei Ngam’ (Beach Toei Beautiful) and ‘Ao Dong Tan’ (Bay Dong Tan), both situated within the Thai Navy grounds.  To my understanding these two choices were local beaches, meaning where the local come to relax and picnic on the beach, and that involves a large amount of alcohol. This being a long weekend, these two places were absolutely jam packed.

The first stop was Ao Dong Tan, literally there were more people than the sand on the beach, and that was because there was no beach, haa haa haa. The water comes right up to the wall (that was why people were learning to sail here). Anyway we decided to drive the whole length of the seafront, by the end there was a small stretch of sandy beach, but of course by then there was no restaurant.

We weren’t worried, we still have Hat Toei Ngam, luckily on the way there (only 15 minutes away) and along the way we managed to find a restaurant for a quick lunch (it was more like 14:30 pre supper, haa haa haa).

Hat Toei Ngam was even worse, probably with more people than the previous place and after driving around for a while we were lucky to have found a parking space, not hoping for much we decided to change into our swimming gear anyway. Walking from the car to the water’s edge I was sure we would see the beach as soon as we have reached the water’s edge. We didn’t, there were steps leading straight into the knee deep sea... I was the first to reach the steps, looking back and signaled ‘help, what should we do’ kind of a glance to your mother... by then it was almost five.

As there wasn’t even enough room to sit down, your mother and I made the decision to drive back to Ao Dong Tan as at least there was a sign of a beach there. As soon as we got back my priority was to find a parking space as soon as possible, the sun was quickly setting and we just wanted you to have fun.
Well, the beach was only a couple of meter in width but it certainly was long, the quality of the sand was filthy, Mar parked herself close by, but Matt really wanted to get into the sea and was expecting as much fun as he had while we were in Phuket.

How can I say this, I was sticking very close to Matt as he walked deeper and deeper into the sea, then I saw it... a used male contraception of a rubbery kind (well I can only assumed it was used, haa haa haa). Of course that broke the camel’s back, I couldn’t lift Matt out of the water quick enough. Luckily Matt wasn’t having that much fun anyway, so we headed to the shower which sadly to say was just a little better than the sea, lol.

By the time Matt and I was out of the shower, Mar who at first was reluctant to leave the beach was now heading towards the shower, I was hoping the girls' shower was better than what Matt and I had just went through, but by your mother’s description it was definitely worse, to the extent that Mar refused to stand in the shower... haa haa haa.

Well, at least you two were clean (kind of), at first we were going to head back to the room to have another shower before heading into Pattaya for some supper and some more fun at Ripley. But the traffic was so bad heading back to the resort would have been the wrong decision. So we decided to head straight to Garden Park Royal (by chance, along the way picking up Matt’s golf clubs that were given to him from a very kind and generous old friend from our BMW days).

Ripley Believe it or not museum occupied most of the top floor with several (and expensive) games and rides, your mother’s friend recommended a couple of rides, we were sure that Matt was going to enjoy it but we weren’t so sure for Mar, lol. The first ride was ‘Scream in the Dark’ a crossover between shooting and haunted house (kart style) followed by the Infinity Maze (at Matt’s request), both of them were not bad but I feel a child need to be six or more to enjoy them.

Supper was a non event, quick and simple, and to no surprise both of you fell fast asleep in the car.


Day Three - Going Home

We were playing safe on this third day, pool time after breakfast was a hit (as usual), then we were back in the room to pack, and once again Mar fell into a deep sleep. By the time she woke up it was almost one. Uncle Chat was there again with another recommendation for a new restaurant, Chor Seafood, the quality of food and service was fantastic, I never knew you two could eat so much :-)

Driving back was a bit of a pain though, especially the queue for the toll road was a huge pain in the bum, but after a couple of hours we were back, hoorayyyyy. Overall it was a great long weekend :-)

Pattaya July 2014-05852-Edit

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