Tuesday, July 8, 2014

End of School Year 2014

Dear Matt and Mar,

Can not believe that another school year is over for you two, Matt ends the year with what I think a Prince and Princess Dance? I understand that they wanted to end the year with a bang, hence this dance… can’t say I am use to this type of idea though and here is my old age rant… For me, the end of term was special, saying goodbye to friends (and in my opinion especially true for boarding schools) was a bit of a big deal, but everything behind it was honest and didn’t need to ‘Hollywood’ it in anyway.

End of Noddy 2014-2014End of SHB 2014-Not sure if this was because you are still in Kindergarten, and so they just wanted to have fun before you go up to year 2, which I am assuming going to get more serious. Well whatever, at least all the kids had a great time (judging by the photos), just don’t be expecting all this glitz and glam when you are home though, haa haa haa. If there is time I think we are going to send you to Buddhist school again this summer.

All in all Matt has developed quite a lot in year one, thanks to Ms Granger and her team :-) the job must have been very tiring… haa haa haa.

For Mar, Noddy ended the year with free ice-cream, which was perfect for you, your mother sent me a pic of you retiring to your little house to enjoy your ice-cream, and I just couldn’t stop thinking that your white shirt will probably be chocolate colour by the end.

Mar’s end of year report was fun to read, haa haa haa, for me I judge your happiness by the amount of singing you do, and lately you’ve been singing non stop :-)

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