Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Phuket 2014, Day two - Driving to nowhere

Dear Matt and Mar,

I am going to call the second day a 'drive to nowhere day', it must have been around ten when we were ready to move out... but we were missing the key ingredient... the destination... haa haa haa haa. Eventually the beach your mother wanted to try was across the island and to the south of Patong (our base). According to G-map it was a leisurely 30 mins drive, not too bad all things considering. But somehow we couldn't find this small beach, so we drove on to Rawai Beach by the time we got there Mar was asleep and it didn't look that brilliant anyway, without stopping and to buy time we headed off to Laem Phromthep (getting lost along the way) which is another tourist highlight, as we got close to Laem Phromthep we noticed there was no sound coming from the back... Matt was now curled up along the back seat.

Phuket 2014-04958-EditThe logic now was to go to a beach quite far away so that you two can have a good sleep in the car, the destination now was Nai Yang (all the way to the north of the island) beach, your mother and I were here many, many years ago and she loved the place. G-Map said 40 minutes, but with me failing to follow the instructions and thus taking every wrong turn possible it way past one when we arrived, now our priority changed from beach to lunch... haa haa haa haa haa. Nai Yang had certainly changed, ten years ago it was nothing but trees and beaches, now there were numerous makeshift restaurants and even a tailor shop.

Lunch was quick and wet, rain was pouring, now with every tummy full to the brim, we headed off further into the national park to which some of the Nai Yang beach lives, and there we played... it was brilliant, the rain had gone, the beach was quiet and the breeze kept all of us cooled. After a couple of hours tearing Mar away from the beach was quite difficult, finding a place to shower was even more challenging. There was a shower facility but no water, the toilet was also boarded shut. All I could find was a huge water tank belonging to the national park... haa haa haa haa haa haa, at least you two were clean now.

On the drive back we noticed a sign for a waterfall (neither your mother or I can recall the name, lol) as it wasn’t too far, so we decided to take a detour for quick look, and it certainly was a quick look, haa haa haa. The grounds surrounding the waterfall was wonderfully fresh and cool, but as we are now at the tail end of summer, which is to say Thailand remains as hot as the surface of the sun, and so the water wasn’t falling (much), lol. (Supper was at Kan Ang Pier)

Phuket 2014-04884Phuket 2014-04872
Gio jumps-04964Phuket 2014-04863Phuket 2014-04918

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