Friday, June 27, 2014

A Huge Change is Coming…

Dear Matt and Mar,

I was going through the photos library, and found this one… I remembered walking into the room to find Mar fast asleep in her little purple princess dress :-), then I realised that Matt was once like Mar, always needing a nap in the early afternoon and look at him now, we can’t even drag him to bed at 20:00, haa haa haa. So I ran out and get the camera for a quick snap :-) In a blink of an eye all this will change… haa haa haa, but this isn’t the change I am on about…


Talking about change, for the past few months your mother has been trying to get back onto the job market, she has been totally dedicated to you two since you two had arrived haa haa haa, and getting back has been quite difficult. She had one offer but decided against it, and then there were a couple of interviews but didn’t get anywhere. However all that had changed only in the last week.

Your mother really started in the automotive industry, and that’s how we’d met (BMW Thailand)… well the story is more complicated than, boy meet girl, felt in love, got married and popped out a couple of kids… haa haa haa. When we’d first met both your mother and I had boyfriend and girlfriend respectively (don’t get it the wrong way round lol)… haa haa haa.

Then she went to the aviation industry, Nok Air, as of this moment it is probably the most successful local low cost airlines in Thailand, and there she falls in love with the aviation industry… Now, after her second interview today, it looks like she will be starting at a SQ next month.

So we are now frantically discussing the small logistical nightmare of picking you two up after school, and someone to keep you occupied until your mother or I come home :-) Timing could not have been more difficult, in a couple of weeks it will be your summer holiday, 8 weeks of mind boggling challenge… haa haa haa, right now your mother and I are planning… Thai camp and Bangkok Dolphin for Matt, Dadi school for Mar and so on, you two get the picture… lol.

I think your mother is happy and sad at the same time, to have the opportunity to join SQ is quite a big one but the thought of not being there for you is literally tearing her apart… lol, don’t worry we’ll manage… :-)

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